September  is over . . . what a month it was.  My family survived Ike with no damage or injury; my parents’ power was restored within a week but the last I heard my brother was still waiting.   Charitable donations to aid organizations are dramatically underwhelming, the State of Texas will go broke paying out on the insurance policies it (duh – unwisely) sold to coastal residents, and the folks on Galveston Island and the Bolivar Peninsula (in addition to hard-hit areas of Haiti) will feel the effects of Ike for years. Then the Large Hadron Collider broke.  Our economy broke.  Time  Warner threatened to stop carrying local stations as of October 2nd.  And ABC tried to make it all better by encouraging us to watch more TV through their “National Stay At Home  Week” campaign.

OK, so life has its ups and downs.  Thankfully, I have a low humor threshold and find many small things entertaining.  For example, pretend doctors made a comeback – Kelsey Grammer, Julius Erving, and Neil Patrick Harris all have fun commercials running.  I have to admit that each of these caught my attention and made me giggle.  And speaking of giggles, I’m happy that Big Bang Theory and Chuck are back!  I didn’t miss many TV shows after the writers’ strike, but I missed these two.  It was a good day when I was surfing YouTube and discovered a fun cross-over commercial for Hellboy II.

I’m giving up on TV except for Monday nights.  There really isn’t much on — and if TWC drops my local NBC station I’ll be down to mostly nothing to watch.  Which is probably better for my brain anyway.  I’m  spending a lot of time online these days – CrackBerry is feeding my BlackBerry addiction until AT&T releases the Bold –  perhaps as soon as Halloween.  I’m striving to keep up with family and friends via e-mail, Twitter, and FaceBook . . . even though I don’t get the point of FaceBook yet.  When I shut down the computer, I read — I’ve moved on to Julie Kenner’s Manolo Matrix and have Stephanie Meyer’s Twilight series waiting in the wings.

Ah, October is finally here!  It brings the promise of cooler weather and the start of the holiday season.  I’m ready to embrace the renewed energy that comes with the end of the oppressive summer heat.   And maybe, just  maybe, AT&T will release the Bold so I can get my first BlackBerry!