Time Warner Cable and LIN Television (the company that owns our local NBC station) have been bickering about money.  They took their squabble public, advertising on TV and radio for the last couple of months, so each can complain about how the other one is being unfair.  Frankly, I think they’re both being greedy: TWC charges consumers to carry local stations, and now the local broadcasters want a piece of that revenue.  Neither would budge.  So the NBC signal was yanked from the lineup as of Friday.

Once again, corporations bicker and the only people who lose are the consumers who want and pay for the service.  Sure, NBC is free if you have an antenna – but I live too far away from the broadcast towers to get a signal.  So there goes my plan to follow ony three TV shows this year – Chuck and Heroes are no longer an option.  Yes, I know I can watch them on NBC.com or Hulu, but the reality is that I won’t.  My tiny computer screen is not as easy to view as the TV, and when the computer is on I tend to be doing other tasks.  Hard to multi-task when watching a TV show in the same screen real estate.

I went 3 days last week without turning on the TV.  Looks like the trend will continue with even longer streaks now that I’m even angrier about having my choices taken away from me.   I’d tell TWC to shove it and take my business elsewhere, but I still need Internet service and they’re the only game in town.   My apartment complex has (or had, if it’s been made illegal now) an exclusive contract with TWC.  Even if the law allows me to change providers, there aren’t any . . . AT&T U-Verse doesn’t serve my Zip code, and the competitor cable company doesn’t recognize my address.

I hated TWC for screwing me over back in 1996 and I survived 10 years just fine without cable.  I had to pay for basic cable just to receive local stations here . . and once again I find that I hate TWC with a renewed passion of a thousands firery suns.   I obviously don’t need network TV in my life anymore.  I get my news off the Internet and I’m probably just as well off not knowing about severe weather (I don’t have a basement anyway).  From now on, I’m watching my Iron Man DVDs.  Thanks to Jon Favreau’s excellent planning there’s enough content to keep me busy for weeks to come.

Oh – Time Warner  Cable and  LIN Television – you both can bite my shiny white ass.   I’ll be bringing both of you a handbasket with some directions . . . .