I’ve seen a lot of Resolutions posted in the last few days – most of them make me shake my head because they’re straight off the “most popular resolutions” list – vague, useless, and forgotten by February.   I have a few goals for the year, but most are boring and not worth mentioning.   One I do think is worth sharing:  in addition to continuing last year’s goal of stating 3 things a day that I’m thankful for, I plan to acknowledge a few of the little things that make me happy.   Here’s my list for today:

  1. Starbucks decaf venti nonfat caramel macchiato at 140 degrees F.
  2. Grocery shopping at 8am . . .  it was worth driving in heavy fog for no crowds an no lines at the HEB.
  3. Finding my Christmas decor I bought last year (while reorganizing and cleaning my closet – woohoo!).
  4. Watching Glenn and Joe being silly and enjoying themselves during “Life’s Been Good”  (Eagles Farewell Tour I DVD, Live from Melbourne).
  5. Reconnecting with friends I haven’t  corresponded with in a while.
  6. Finally finishing a few more card sets (see images below for a sampling of one theme).
  7. Oh, and the recipe for green beans with brown butter and pine nuts turned out great.  I smashed the pine nuts before browning; they still lingered on the bottom, but were easier to pick up to eat.  Very tasty!

2009-all-you-need-in-life22009-you-make-me-smile2There will always be things in our lives that we can’t control.  But happiness is  within our grasp because we have control over how we view the world.  Each and every day we wake up and make a choice: to be happy or to be miserable.  I hope you’ll join me on the bright side of life and make a conscious choice to be happy.  Think about things that bring you joy so you can seek out ways to be happy.

What little things did you encounter today that made you happy?