So, how much fun is technology? Tons of fun!

  • The 2009 CES (Consumer Electronics  Show)  —  Lots of  new products were announced this year and I’m waiting for some new BlackBerry software to  be released.   But I think the coolest thing I got out of the CES coverage is finding  out  that I can visit a Venice without having to convert currency.  OK, so it’s not really Italy, but it’s slightly less gaudy than the stereotypical Las Vegas neon landscape.
  • The Impossible  Project – I want this to succeed in a big way simply for the irony.  There’s a great blog that highlights the attempt to reinvent instant film for 600 and SX-70 Polaroid cameras, and provides some great examples of instant film  photography.
  • Saw this little gem by T-Mobile UK and can’t help myself – I so want to have people break out in song and/or dance while I’m doing something boring like commuting.  Watch at your own risk – you might want to get up and dance!
  • One last fun  link:  Low-tech entertainment or high-tech for a calendar?  — Check out the Bubble Calendar.   Dude.

Oh, and for those of you keeping count,  Time Warner Cable pulled Channel 19 from my lineup – it’s now only available on the Digital  Tier of programming.   Sure,  it’s only the local community college channel, but I really liked watching the cooking guys . . . they were fun.   Down to 18 total channels (only a handful are real  channels – most are local access and  advertising).