Trying to find something good about losing a week to a fever of unknown origin.  OK, here it goes:

  1. I tested negative for flu, so I’m dealing with some random virus rather than a known killer.
  2. No sinus infection yet.   This is a BIG deal, because almost every fever I’ve had in the last decade was a result of a sinus infection.
  3. After 4 days of coughing, my lungs are starting to hurt less.
  4. There are no photos of feverish and coughy me to accompany this blog entry.
  5. I haven’t been hungry this week, so there’s still one  GF cupcake in the fridge.   It gives me something to look forward to once my appetite returns.
  6. If I had to stay home sick, this was a good week for it — I was able to listen to the rain.
  7. Yes, I said rain.  We’ve had rain.  No, it’s not a typo – rain.

That’s all the happy I can think of at the moment.  Given my mental state a few days ago, I think I’ve made big strides in seeing the positive side of things.