Learning to wind a center-pull ball of yarn.    I could use the winder at the store (which is faster), but there’s something soothing about winding a ball (also called a cake) with a nostepinne.

First hand-wound ball of center-pull yarn My first cake (left) turned out OK.  This is Cascade 128 in ruby – if all goes as planned, I’ll start knitting a scarf out of it next weekend.  I love this color – too bad we don’t often need scarves here  in  Texas.

Of course, I can’t stop winding after just one.  Next I tackled some Pima Fresca yarn in medium blue, medium purple, tangerine, pink, and kiwi.  I’m getting much faster and the resulting cakes are pretty uniform in size – so perhaps I’m getting the hang of using the nostepinne.  Can’t wait to start working with this yarn – it has an uneven texture and some variations in the color that should add interest when worked into an amigurumi.  I’m thinking a  purple dinosaur with multi-color spines for a friend’s little girl.   Should be a a good Sunday afternoon project.