Sewing has been one of my favorite activities since I was a teenager.   There’s something rewarding about taking big chunks of fabric and turning them into something you can wear or use.  Over the years I’ve sewed curtains, duvet covers, decorative pillows, jackets, skirts, PJs, robes, tea cozies – you name it, I’ve probably sewn one.  And if I didn’t have a pattern,  I figured out what I wanted to do and created  one of my own.

I bought my first sewing machine, a 23-stitch Kenmore, before heading off to grad school.  Lately I have been swearing at the machine more than stitching – it stops working at the most  inopportune times, requiring increasingly expensive maintenance which can take 2-3 weeks.   I spent weeks (months?) waiting to start a project because  I knew I’d get frustrated with the machine.  So after 17 years, I decided a change was in order – I walked into a store and walked out with a new Baby Lock.

New Baby Lock sewing machineAfter a couple of weeks of finishing up projects and commitments, I finally started sewing this weekend.  It’s amazing how sewing technology has changed  in the last 17 years.  This machine is computerized, weighs about half of what the old machine did, and cost just a little more than I paid for the Kenmore back in 1992.

I chose a small  project  to help me learn  the new machine.  A Twitter crafter (sorry – I don’t recall who!) led me to Lazy Girl Designs; I liked  what I saw and bought a few patterns.

This weekend I started with the Maggie pouch.  I’ve been looking for a small bag to hold greeting card sets, and after a slight modification I think I’ve hit on the perfect size!  I cut a template and have plenty of fabric to keep me busy for a while. These are great week night projects – it doesn’t take long to cut, stitch, and finish a bag.

First two MaggieNow that I’m getting used to the machine, I’m ready to tackle a bigger project.   I bought some fabulous fabric from a local designer and want to make a WIP (work-in-progress) bag for my knitting stuff.   The Margo handbag is a new pattern and I can’t wait to get started.  I spent the afternoon cutting the pieces (all rotary cut, which is new to me) and will spend some time this evening starting the assembly.    Here’s hoping that all my measuring and double-checking led to correctly-cut pieces.

I’m so happy to be off and sewing again – with energy, creativity,  and a well-functioning machine.