Today our local yarn shop celebrated World Wide Knit in Public Day by offering lace classes taught by Franklin  Habit.  What a treat! Franklin is funny, knows lace history inside and out, and is (obviously) wicked talented.  He was even gracious enough to sign books during the break between classes – so glad I brought my copy with me!

I took the beginning lace class – three entertaining and informative hours zoomed by as we learned about the documented history (and undocumented legends) of lace knitting and knitted lace (yes, they are two different things) along with practical information and advice.  I don’t know how successful I’ll be at lace knitting, but after seeing his sample in person I’m eventually going to dig into Franklin’s lace sampler pattern.

Susie Hoodie - June 18, at row 25

For the time being, I’m focused on my summer sweater project: the Susie Hoodie.  After a slow start (ripping and readjusting the cable pattern borrowed from another sweater), I finally seem to be making progress.  Since this sweater  starts at the bottom hem and works upward to the yoke, I want to get the body finished soon so I can ask for help with the sleeves  and hood.  I have a lot of knitting to do in the next few weeks, but at row 25 the cable at the front of the cardigan is clearly visible.  Very encouraging!

I’m learning a lot from this sweater – especially how to fix mistakes.   I had a near panic attack when I discovered two loose loops waving at me from the middle of my cable.  After the initial wave of sheer terror, I realized that those loose loops were the result of a single and recently-dropped stitch – so I took a deep breath and tried to figure out what happened.  After a bit of work I think I finally fixed the problem.  I marked the spot and kept going . . . and several rows later I can’t find the place where I made the mistake . . . so I think that means I fixed it correctly (or at least close enough to not notice).