Fleece Artist - Sea Wool

Fleece Artist, Sea Wool (from Nova Scotia)

My new-found knitting obsession led me to plan some vacation days around this weekend’s Yarn Crawl – four days to visit 11 local yarn shops (LYS) in Central  Texas.  Two and a half days and approximately 500 miles later, I’ve finished the Crawl and have a dining room table full of take-aways and purchased goodies.

Alpaca Lace in Red Wine Heather

Alpaca Lace in Red Wine Heather (with beads)

Fortunately, I had the foresight to take a couple of vacation days after the crawl – I figured I would want time to knit after being inspired by the shops and new supplies.  So I have two more days to rest up, do some housework, and knit.  Need to finish my Susie sweater, make progress on my Mad Men Mittens, and I want to start working with my new yarn!  The Sea Wool is meant for the Eleanor Cowl, and the Alpaca Lace will become a beaded shawl (still searching for the pattern – I think I wrote down the wrong name).  Anyway, I have more than enough projects to keep me busy.

Beginning the Yarn Crawl

In addition to being surrounded by creative people,  a few days of driving around Central Texas and the Hill Country (in a reliable car) was a joy.  I’m not sure if I’d want to do a Crawl every year, but I certainly found shops that I’d like to visit again – especially when there are fewer people in the space.  It would also be nice to travel during cooler  weather – mornings started out comfortable, but temps reached the upper 80s and it was pretty warm getting in and out of the car all day.

Doormat (and cold water) greets visitors to the Yarn Barn

Following this blog entry I’ll post a travelogue of sorts.  I wrote up the details to help myself remember what I did and where I went for 3 days — along the lines of “where I went on my fall vacation.”  Feel free to skip the text, but I’ll tempt you to look at the photos by saying there’s a decent shot of an adorable alpaca.

License plate spotted in Comfort, TX

Taking time off from work is good.  I used 2 day last week and have another 2 days to go. I’m glad I scheduled this ahead of time; something is making my sinuses swell shut again and after nearly a month of breathing issues I still looked forward to this event.  Not sure when (if?) I’ll feel better, but at least I did something that made me happy and helped take my mind off the misery.  That has to be progress, right?

LYS take-aways

Big thanks to all of the participating LYS – this event took a lot of planning and they made it look effortless.