Haven’t felt well for weeks now – my sinuses are reacting rather violently to something, I just don’t know what. My face feels puffy, I sound like Elmer Fudd, and unfortunately my quality/quantity of sleep varies. While I’m still somewhat motivated to be active and creative, small projects are better for my attention span.  Plus it’s rewarding to see significant progress after an hour of stitching.

Hats for Romania

Fortunately, I had the perfect small project: making hats for a fellow knitter to take to kids in Romania.  I purchased the Meathead Hat pattern from Larissa Brown (which helped another family), bought some bulky yarn and US15  needles, and started stitching.

Over the last few weeks, I took my knitting with me and worked on hats during several all-day professional development events — and was delighted to find that the activity kept me alert and focused on the discussion  (the sinus stuff leave me groggy and I tend to get painfully sleepy when forced to sit still for long).   This “stay alert” side effect probably explains why I see so many people knitting during meetings.

Now that I’ve completed a baker’s dozen of the Meathead Hats, as well two hats in another pattern, I’ve really got the hang of DPNs.  In fact, I’ve discovered I truly enjoy working with a handful of pointy sticks — so I fully expect my first pair of  socks will be on the needles before long.

Stack of hats

The hats were a fun diversion – I felt productive but didn’t have any pressure to finish a project (my poor Mad  Men Mittens are on hold until I have the ability to concentrate a bit more).  In the meantime, I’m ready to start a felted bag.  The experience of working so many hats on DPNs really paid off when we learned how to start the bag with 8 stitches on 4 needles – I didn’t think twice about the process.   More to follow.