Recycled cashmere

My first project of the new year was to knit up the lovely reclaimed yarn I bought from Yarn Harvest at the farmers’ market in mid-December.  It was a fun and economical way to try cashmere; I had the pattern picked out and was just waiting for the right yarn.  One skein was all I needed for this lovely neckwarmer.  It’s finished, blocked, and I think it will soon be on its way to a new home.

My second new project involves my first attempt at lace.  Had a lot of trouble casting on … and quickly figured out the main problem is that I couldn’t see the yarn.  A couple of days later I found a pair of limey green reading glasses (thanks, Borders!) that — lo and behold — allow me to read text  (and see yarn) held closer than arms’ length away.  I’ve noticed subtle changes to my close-up vision over the last few years, but it’s finally time to do something about it.  Will go in for a vision exam in a few weeks and see if I need any other correction.

In addition to the knitting projects, I took a needle felting class this week.  With the guidance of a great teacher, I made a little yellow-sided green cheek conure  (it will be a gift for a friend).  Still need to tweak it a bit and figure out how to add feet.  Although this was a lot of fun, I’m pretty sure the next 3D sculpture I attempt will be more abstract.

Back to my lace project.  Now where did I put those glasses?