How did February zip by so quickly?  It’s a short month, but still – I should  have more time to work on more projects!

Following up from the previous post, the lovely neckwarmer did find a new home.  It was a surprise gift for a friend; I hope it will keep her fashionably warm until spring arrives.  The needle felted birdy few off to its new home as well.  I want to do more needle felting projects, but the supplier I found for undyed roving is out of stock until mid-March.  Which is OK, because I have a bunch of other projects to keep me busy.

After felting

I finally felted my French market bag.  It turned out well and I love how roomy it is – holds several of my current WIPs. It was such a fun project and now that I’d like to make a few more and try some needle felted embellishments.  Need to pick out some new colors and start planning another bag – you can never have too many WIPs, right?

Start of lace pattern

Now that I’ve invested in real prescription glasses for my aging eyes, it’s easier to work with lace-weight yarn — because I can actually see the yarn.  (If you’re having trouble seeing the photo, you can click the image to view the details.)  I’m enjoying the pattern so much that I bought more Malabrigo lace to make a second (and possibly a third) shawl.  Stay tuned for the finished project – I’m hoping to have it blocked by the end of March.

Toe-up socks

Also started my first pair of socks this month.  Enjoying how quickly they’re moving – I’m about ready to start the heel.  Love the color, too.   It doesn’t photograph well, but at first glance it looks black or navy . . . until you look closely and see red, purple and blue.  Must admit that I’m fascinated with all that variety in such a dark color.

OttLite for under $40

Oh, and for anyone who works on crafts and needs a good solid light source — I discovered that my local hardware store stocks OttLite bulbs at half the price of the same bulbs in the local crafting store.  When combined with a lovely swing-arm lamp (to allow for precise placement to best view current project), the set-up cost me under $40.  This is significantly less expensive than a genuine OttLite lamp — and I know I can easily purchase the right replacement bulb.

Haven’t finished many projects this month, but I am definitely working  on some “firsts” that are adding to my skills.   Thanks to the lace project I realized that my vision wasn’t what it used to be … so my biggest challenge of February was getting used to seeing through Progressive lenses.  Looking forward to seeing what  I accomplish in the next month.