Time flies – how can it be mid-June already?   I kept thinking it was  time for a blog update and yet I was surprised to find that it’s been four months since I wrote anything.  Yikes.  Well, at least I’m staying busy.

Ishbel no.2

Ishbel no.1

I finished my first Ishbel shawlette and wear it occasionally (yes, it’s summer but I work in a cold office) – I love how it turned out even though I’m sure I made a bunch of little mistakes.  My  red/pink/orange choice was a bit unusual, but the colors grew on me as I worked and I find the end result to be rather cheerful.

Since I enjoyed my first lace project so much, I decided to make a second Ishbel for a friend.  I chose another hank of Malabrigo lace because these purples and greens intrigued me.   I was a bit disappointed to find that the color changes were more dramatic than expected and I wasn’t sure how that would work with the lace pattern.  I think the final result was acceptable, but decided that I prefer a more tonal approach to color as a subtle palette allows the pattern to take center stage.

Toe-up socks


Socks on rocks

Along with the two lace projects, I also finished my first pair of toe-up socks.  Fun!  Now I can say I know how to knit socks.  If I ever move to Canada or Scotland, I am confident that can keep myself warm.  However, since I live in Texas,  I will put these away in the cedar chest for about six months because it’s going to be yet another record-breaking summer of hot.   It was a bit warm just wearing them long enough to get a photo.  (Oh, and I apologize in advance for the pasty-white legs – I am Danish and Swedish and my skin has zero ability to tan.)

Central Park Hoodie

Have to ‘fes up and admit that I’m not quite finished with my first sweater (only the hood is left!) … and yet I started a second sweater project.   Unlike the Susie sweater  which is basically knit in one piece, The Central  Park Hoodie is knit in five separate pieces and seamed together at the end.  The cable pattern is much easier so I keep thinking this should knit up quickly if I can ever sit down long enough to knit more than a row or two at a time.  Also, in order to get gauge, I’m knitting this heavy worsted wool with US4 needles.  It freaked me out to cast on and start the ribbing on a US3, but I managed to get it to work.  I’m starting to call  this my “going to Scotland sweater” because I think it would be suitable for a place with actual weather.

CPH cables

Given that it’s been a month since I cast on and I’m still working on the same section, I don’t plan to start any new projects for a while.   Oh, I should clarify – no new knitting projects – as I am actively working to finish the first sweater and already started on a sewing project.  Then there will be new sets of greeting cards, as I am completely out for the year and it’s kind of freaking me out to not have a stack available for gifting.  Already thinking of  Christmas because I don’t need the stress of  the last-minute rush – life is better if have some ideas in place by summer so I have time to work on things.

Fat quarters everywhere

In any case, I should have plenty of crafty projects to keep me busy this summer.  I appreciate having something fun to work on when I get home from work and need to wind down.  I love the the portability of in-progress knitting projects that allow me to be entertained no matter where I am, the process of sewing little pieces of fabric into something usable, and the feeling of accomplishment when  I can wear or use or gift the end result(s).

Hopefully I will stay busy enough to warrant another update before fall.