Books + yarn = happy knitter

November arrived with a KnitPicks box and the promise of a cool front.  I can only hope that the rest of the month continue to go this well!

I keep planning Christmas projects even though I suspect I’m overly optimistic about the amount of knitting time I have and grossly underestimating the amount of time required for even simple projects.  Completing two whole projects in a row has given me a sense of empowerment, so I’m sticking with the plan to keep knitting and see just how much I can get done by my mail-out deadline.  Then it will be time to give in and start working on the projects for my niece (who sweetly asked if I would make her something for Christmas) and my nephews (my brother told me that one of the boys really wants a scarf). I’m taking this news as confirmation that the kids are OK with (or simply resigned to) the fact that I try to be creative about their gifts rather than buying crazy expensive things for them.

The aforementioned box of yarn is designated for specific projects, and my goal is to finish a set this weekend.  <insert slightly maniacal laughter here>  To further that goal, I have new DVDs and episodes of Wait Wait … Don’t Tell Me on standby so I can entertain myself and (hopefully) sit still for an hour or two at a time and further my knitting progress.  I’ll plan to post an update on Sunday … then I can assess just how deep my delusions run.

Happy knitting!