Mom always warned me that time would go by faster as I grew up, and boy she wasn’t kidding.  I’ve been in my “new” job for over 5 years now and in Texas for 32 years — yet I can’t possibly be this old.

2011 was an OK year.  My favorite thing is that, 2 years after becoming gluten-free, I remain free of sinus infections and occasionally get a good night’s sleep.  I’m thankful that a decade of illness and misery is behind me and I still go to acupuncture regularly because I’m scared to death that I’ll have another relapse.

My 2012 will begin without a regular knitting class.  After taking bi-weekly classes for nearly a year and a half, I finally decided that I’m ready to strike out on my own.  I am grateful to my knitting teacher who taught me this new skill, introduced a wide variety of knitting techniques, passed along years of wisdom and tips, and gave me the confidence to tackle any project I want to make.  The group of women who came together to form the initial class last fall — most of whom continued along with additional classes throughout the year — are amazing people.  The social aspect was just as dynamic as the knitting instruction and I will miss meeting with them regularly.  On the bright side, there’s a local knitting group that meets once a week after work so I will still have the opportunity to meet with other knitters (and crocheters).

Resolutions are not my thing, so I don’t have any big plans for the upcoming year other than to save as much money as I can, prepare to downsize to a smaller apartment (as rents are going up and I hate living here), pursue creative activities to keep my mind and hands busy, and do my best to stay out of trouble.