So I finally finished knitting and shipping 2011 gifts.  Egads, I’m bad at this.  I’m pretty good at making plans – I mostly suck at the execution of said plans.  The hand-made projects turned out OK from my perspective; I just hope the recipients are as happy with the results.

With the stress of holiday knitting behind me, I’m lining up fresh new projects for 2012.  Part of my goal for the year is to keep a small portable project on the needles so I can have something to carry with me as I run errands.  It’s funny how knitting in public – at restaurants, doctor’s offices, conferences, coffee shops, salons – opens the door for people I’ve never met to engage me in positive and lively conversation.  For whatever reason, people seem genuinely interested in what I’m doing and want share their own experiences with knitting or knitters.  Thus I’m encouraged to continue to carry around a project and knit when the mood/situation seems appropriate (i.e. anytime I’m not driving and have to wait). 

In addition to a few small projects I save for travel, my first significant project of the year is off to a good start.  After a year of wanting to take part in virtual knit-a-longs (but unable to keep up with even the group projects in my knitting class), I joined the Loopy Ewe First Quarter 2012 Challenge: knit something with a yarn that contains silk.  With the help of the intended recipient, I picked up some scrumptious Sea Silk (made of plant fibers: 70% silk, 30% seacell) and chose a lovely KnitSpot pattern.  Have to admit that I’m loving every minute I spend knitting this gorgeous design with this soft and luminous yarn. Yes, I know that there are so many lovely yarns to try, but I think I’m going to have to splurge and make another project out of this – it is definitely luxurious.

Already looking forward to taking some time off at Spring Break (a mere 5 weeks away), as I keep piling up projects to start (and finish).  Finally picked up the odds and ends needed to complete a few more sewing projects – I really should address that pile so I can reclaim my dining room table.  And I have a handful of half-finished knits that need a push to get off the needles — so I can start something new, of course.  Taking a day trip to an exotic location (Fredericksburg?  Comfort? San Antonio?) is tempting, but with gas prices steadily on the rise and my savings account needing to be … established … I am leaning towards staying home and trying to be productive here.  Perhaps I’ll check out some DVDs and spend a week time traveling with the Doctor.

I’ll leave you with a photo of Kira, who is dutifully checking out my stitch markers.  She seems to approve of my choice (and at least her beak can’t hurt the crocheted sheep).