I’m mostly happy to report that I finished my project for the Loopy Ewe 2012 First Quarter Challenge and the Aria Delicato scarf is blocked.  I have to admit that I’m not completely happy with the blocking and may soak it again (or steam it) over the weekend to see if I can improve on the ends a bit.  The scarf itself is quite lovely and it was exciting to hold the finished project.  That said, I’m a bit disappointed that the project is over … the pattern was well-written and the yarn was gorgeous and I’m a little bit sad that I don’t have the ability to pick it up and work a few repeats before bed.  For the first time, I understand.  When the yarn and pattern are such a perfect match, it can be hard to let go – no matter how lovely the finished product may be.


I get the feeling that it’s time to shift my focus away from the creative for a while and work on something practical.  I’m trying to free myself from some of the stuff I’ve accumulated in the last 5 years (as well as stuff I moved here but haven’t used), and I’m once again motivated to delve into projects that require tough decisions.  I want to prepare for the reality that I may have to down-size to a smaller apartment – it’s time to find good homes for things I no longer need.  So far I’ve attacked a closet and a bookcase and it feels great to have some breathing room.  Thinking about putting a few things on eBay, too – I would love to earn enough from things I no longer need to fund some new knitting needles.

Next week is spring break.  With any luck I’ll find a comfortable balance between relaxing, crafting, and cleaning.  Can’t wait to see how that goes.