Following what has become an annual tradition, the weekend before Spring Break is full of anticipation and preparation.  Saturday began with a quick trip into town and — in between dodging bouts of torrential rain — I managed to get quite a few errands completed by noon.  Groceries, crafting supplies, and two pairs of Danskos have been acquired – I am ready to get busy relaxing.

Saturday was rather productive, especially given that I didn’t actually do anything I had planned to accomplish.  Instead of finishing a languishing project, I indulged in a bit of whimsy and whipped up a fluffy little sheep – my friend, Carolyn, had brought hers to knitting night and I was charmed by the pattern.  I also re-soaked and re-blocked the Aria Delicato scarf to more closely resemble Anne’s example – and I really like the way the ends of the scarf have alternating waves.

My Sunday began with yet another week of listening to CBS Sunday Morning – because my TV refuses to give me a picture.  The trick of smacking the TV here and here worked for a while … but even that won’t fix the picture now.  After an hour and a half of watching a flickering white line I finally got fed up and headed to Target and buy a small all-in-one TV/DVD player.   And because it’s my life I get there to find that  everything under 37″ wasn’t available  for purchase (except a 19″ Sony that was priced near $400) – lots of TVs on display, but nothing on the shelves to buy.  OK, I’m flexible – I figured I’d just go to Best Buy and pick up one.  Heh.  That didn’t go any better. Apparently, Best Buy is where all the owners of McMansions buy their 65″ plasma screens – but we live in a town populated by poor students in small apartments and I’m guessing the stores can’t keep up with cheap small TVs.  After wandering around a while, I decided on a 32″ LG and a Blu-ray player with built-in wifi (because my DVD player is so old that it doesn’t have an HDMI output) … and then decided I was insane to spend that kind of money when I’m not even excited about the purchase.  It costs as much as a new iPad, and I can’t justify buying one of those either (although I am excited about the thought of buying an iPad and have plans for how I’d actually use one).  I came home dejected – not sure if I’m cheap or simply terrified of spending that kind of money on something that isn’t a need.  Thus, the rest of my Sunday will be filled with knitting and an audiobook.  I hope to get my Big Giant Sweater finished soon, seeing as how I only have about 5″ left to stitch on the hood.

As for the rest of the week, I have lined up projects and entertainment.  There are a pair of Mad Men mittens waiting to be finished, a scarf with an odd-looking cable that needs to be frogged and restarted, two little hats that need finishing touches and blocking, and a shawl that I cast on but never got beyond the third row. I’ve also got a couple of tea towel calendars that need to be stitched up, along with a few more box bags (I’m finally going to make one for myself).  These sadly neglected little projects are lined up on my table waiting for attention – and I’d like to get a few of them finished.  To keep my mind occupied while I knit and sew, I have audiobooks, a new documentary on DVD (which I hope I can watch on my laptop), and some still-new CDs vying for my attention.  I’ve also got three books to read when my hands need a break.   I could easily delve into any one of these pursuits for days at a time, but I’m going to attempt some variety so I can do a little bit of everything.

And because I don’t really have enough stuff planned, I’m thinking that my new solid color Danskos need a few embroidered embellishments.  Perhaps a wee daisy or two around the toe?