April is nearly over – how did that happen?  Apparently, staying really busy at work seems to be the key to losing time.  I’m hoping to have the opportunity to take a few vacation days this summer as I’ve found that a day off now and then really helps me get closer to having a work/life balance.

Thank goodness for my weekly knitting group – without them I’d mostly be a hermit.  I am fortunate that they sought me out and welcomed me into the fold – every week I have the pleasure of spending time with kind, interesting, creative women (we’d welcome men, but so far none have joined us).  I am not sure I can adequately express what their friendship and camaraderie mean to me, but I look forward to knitting night and consider it the glue that holds the rest of my week together.

This week included an exciting announcement from my knitting teacher, Staci.  YouTube did a profile on Verypink and her online knitting instruction videos, and then flew her to California to be a part of their Marketing Ambassadors program.  Check out her blog about the news, which includes links to stories in the New York Times and the Official Google Blog.  Wow.  Just wow.  I’m so thrilled for her!  It only took a few minutes of that first knitting class to recognize that she is a talented teacher (and a knowledgeable, creative, and overall awesome person) and I was smart/lucky enough to take part her ongoing classes over the next year and a half.  Although I’m still a newbie and have a lot to learn, thanks to Staci I learned the basics and gained the confidence to take on whatever pattern catches my interest.

On to the project update:

The Autumn Leaves Stole is finished, blocked, and waiting patiently for fall, when it will be sent to it’s new home. It’s gorgeous.  I love the yarn (Cascade 220 Pumpkin Spice), the pattern, and the overall results.  Unfortunately, this yarn doesn’t seem to photograph the same way twice.  It’s a warm brown with flecks of gold and red.

Because I enjoyed the first one so much, I started another Aria Delicato scarf … and ordered yarn to make two more.  It’s really a joy to knit – and now that I have the 8-row pattern repeat down it’s easy to pick up and do a repeat or two in the evening.  Interesting enough to keep me entertained but not so complicated as to demand my full attention, the resulting stitch pattern is well-defined and elegant.  This time around I chose a fingering weight 50% wool / 50% silk from White Bear Fibers in a gorgeous shade of purple.  Doug, one of the founders of White Bear Fibers, was in the same “knitting 101” class that I took a couple of years ago.  He soon found a passion for dyeing, and I’m delighted to be working with my first hank of his hand-dyed yarn.  I’ll get better photos once it’s finished and blocked. In the meantime, Kira is quite determined to hep me by frequently inspecting the yarn and needles.