We hit our first 100°F day this month – a slightly depressing number that serves as my personal benchmark for the official start of summer.  All we have to do now is get through the next four months and hope that we’ll see fewer record-breaking high temperatures and more rain than we did last year.

Knitting projects are coming along, albeit as slowly as usual.  I decided to work on two smaller projects this month, but much to my chagrin I spent the better part of a week casting on and trying to getting started.  Seriously.  I kept asking myself “how hard is it to cast on 53 (288) stitches?” and the answer — after looking at the end result of my attempts — would invariably be “hard enough to not succeed this time – try again.”  Fortunately, after hours of fighting with broken needles, stitches sliding off too-slick-for-the-yarn needles, inconsistent tension, and all manner of klutz-ery, I managed to get both projects started.

My Aria Delicato no.2 (in a purple silk blend from White Bear Fibers) is finished, although I have yet to get it blocked and packed away.  Began no.3 in Hand Maiden Sea Silk in colorway Nova Scotia.  The color depth is amazing – no doubt due to the silk content – and once again I feel of wave of indulgence every time I pick it up to knit a pattern repeat.  I hope to finish this one and begin no.4 (for myself) before the end of summer.

I also started a Double Cross Cowl in Elsebeth Lavold Silky Wool in colorway Hazy Blue.  This yarn was purchased for a cowl of some sort, but it languished in my project box for over a year until this particular pattern inspired me to cast on.  I’m enjoying this pattern quite a bit, especially because it’s a great project to bring along to knit night — meaning that it’s uncomplicated enough to knit accurately while drinking a peppermint hot chocolate and chatting with an animated group of knitters.

Hoping to finish both of these projects before casting on my Color Affection Shawl at the end of July.  Also planning a wee surprise for my knitting buddies are joining in the fun of the knit-a-long.  I should have plenty of time to complete the work involved, but then again I always underestimate the time it takes to do anything, so maybe I’ll crash and burn before it’s all over.  I’m spending the weekend doing the prep work, then hopefully I can spend the July 4th holiday doing crafty things.