For the last few months I’ve been collecting amigurumi patterns with the intention of making some one of these days.  Thanks to my crafty buddies on Twitter, I set up a Raverly account, ordered some fabulous patterns from Planet June, and joined the Groundhog-Along.

Need a quick translation?  A group of crafty people chatting together via social networking sites (Twitter #groundhogalong) decided to each make a groundhog amigurumi by Groundhog Day.  I’ve thought about taking part in a group craft effort before — a painting a day, etc. — but this seemed like something I could actually accomplish within  the stated time frame.  A pattern download from Planet June and a quick yarn run later and  I was on my way.

I’m afraid my crochet skills are a bit rusty.  The pattern is well-designed and easy to read, but I  used a hook 2 sizes bigger than recommended and chose a yarn with texture so my stitches weren’t quite as precise as they should have been.  After a minor freak-out that I was making a life-sized Punxsutawney Phil in lieu of an amigurumi miniature, I was relieved to discover my groundhog is not of gargantuan proportion.  It’s actually pretty cute!

Check out the Flickr Groundhog-Along 2010 Pool and see the assortment of adorable creatures just waiting for their Big Day in the sun (or clouds).  As  for me and my little as-yet-unnamed groundhog, we’ll be waiting for another crochet-a-long project.  And in the meantime, I’ll try to stay crafty.

Wonder what my next project will be?