Books.  Crafting.  Gym.  Starbucks.  iPods. Naps.  These are the shiny parts of my life.  Usually it takes a full weekend to enjoy my primary vices; on a really good day, I can make all six work for me.

Today was errand day.  Hedwig got her state inspection sticker and a thorough cleaning inside and out.  I had a luxurious 30-minute rest at the salon while getting my eyes done, and picked up some product that came with an irresistible-yet-highly-dubious promise to assist my flat iron with the herculean task of straightening my crazy curly hair.  Spent some coin at Target and a local stationer, then skipped my macchiato fix for a much-needed supply trip to Hobby Lobby.  Armed with watercolor paper and a few new rubber stamps, I’m ready to tackle the long holiday weekend.  It’s good to have something fun to break up the mundane bits of life.

Oh, and I stumbled into a Hatch Chili Fest today – forgot it was that time of year!  I hung around the chili roasters while waiting for my Hatch chili corn dog (decadent, but tasty!) . . . and 8 hours later I still carry the smoky, spicy scent on my clothes.  My fridge is filled with all creations Hatch:  chicken sausage with mild Hatch peppers and cheese, burgers with hot Hatch peppers, and a Hatch-stuffed pork tenderloin.  Tomorrow I’ll cook the tenderloin and package up the other booty for the freezer – since I’m packing lunches for work every day, a bit of Hatch will certainly add some zing to my week.

As my day winds down, I’m ready to curl up for an evening read.  This weekend is “The Givenchy Code: Cryptology is the New Black.”  Second page in I was completely hooked.  The author, Julie Kenner, has become one of my favorites.  I worked with her husband a few years ago as she was getting started – working her day job and writing in her spare time.  When she began writing full-time I was thrilled: in addition to being happy that she “found her joy,” I was selfishly happy about her writing more great things for me to read.

Welcome to my new blog!  I hope you’ll stop by now and then, or subscribe to the RSS feed, and start a converation!  Friends and family are welcome to follow me on Twitter as well.