My custom stitch markers arrived this weekend.  I placed a special order with  Jillian at WeeOnes after seeing the lovely birds she crafts.  These stitch markers are  amazingly detailed – especially considering that each piece is smaller than a penny.

Thought it might be fun to request specific birds that we know from Twitter, so I placed an order for a greencheek conure, a yellow-sided greencheek conure, a Congo African grey, a black-capped caique, a green Quaker parrot, and a grey cockatiel.

I also requested some wellie boots to coordinate with my WIP bag. They turned out quite charming – and I have  a zipper pull to add to the bag, too.

Still working on my Susie Sweater – approaching week 4 with 60 rows complete.  I replaced the generic white rings with the bird stitch markers on the last round and the project  seems “dressed up” now.

Susie Hoodie - June 27, at row 60

Enjoying the local knitting group – I’ve met with them twice now and everyone has made me feel so welcome that it’s hard to believe I’ve only met them a few weeks ago.  It’s  the first social group activity I’ve participated in since I moved here about 4 years ago – about time, I’d say.

The third meeting of Sweater  University is this week and  I’m hoping to be near row 100 by then.  Lots of knitting ahead, so  I’m off to start the next row.   Can’t wait to see how far I can get in the next two weeks.